Dear Breathe Yoga Family,


This is not an easy letter to write and I do so with a wide open heart. Everyone’s lives have changed over the past two years. We have learned to adapt in ways we never thought imaginable. Like many others, Covid-19 has opened my eyes to what matters most to me and has inspired me to build a life deeply rooted in that place. For some time now, my heart has been guiding me towards taking advantage of other opportunities and spending more time with my children. I have come to a long thought out and strategically planned decision to pass the studio along to two well-deserving new owners. With lots of enthusiasm and love, I announce your new Studio owners: Stephanie Chapman and Elizabeth Pattillo!


“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”


Life is always moving, shifting, and changing. We must move, shift, and change with it. Yoga teaches us that “the only constant is change”, and it is our attachment to what no longer is that keeps us from evolving and moving forward. I took ownership of Breathe Yoga knowing little about business or how to run one. The “transformation” you hear about in yoga class is something I have come to better understand. I now know that transformation and growth is more possible than ever before. This journey has led me closer to the truth of who I am, what I value, and who I want to be.


Support your local yoga studio!


The cruel irony is that yoga studios- which are a business based in health, healing, community and the well being of people, have been forced to close (some temporarily, but most permanently) for the health, healing, and well being of the community and not because their business model changed, but because the world changed. I have learned many lessons as I navigated the vast ocean of small business ownership with some unexpected tsunami size waves. I am confident in the part I played to keep the business open, but I know it was the collective effort of so many other amazing people involved that are the real reason the studio survived and this collective effort must persist for the studio to continue to thrive.


Thank You


My time as owner of the studio has been a privilege. The many lessons learned and personal transformation it provided me has changed my life forever. But, it is the impact of the love and support from clients, teachers and employees that leaves the biggest imprint on my heart. This is the unexpected blessing I cherish most as many of these people have become life long friends. Those of you that stood by my side in good times and bad, I am forever grateful. I look forward to continuing to gather, connect, practice and teach yoga with this community of people that have given me so much more than I could ever give them.




And now, with lots of love, it is time for me to pass the baton over to the new owners.

To Stephanie and Elizabeth, may the pure light within you guide you on your way.

To those of you reading this, please take the time to congratulate them. They deserve lots of well wishes and support as they begin their journey.



Becky Wilson


Welcome to Bloom Yoga Shreveport!

There are some exciting changes taking place and we couldn’t be happier! 


First, we want to say THANK YOU...for your loyal support and dedication to not only your practice, but to Breathe Yoga Studio. Second, we want to tell you how excited we are to be taking a new step in our journey together. We would not be here without you!


As the studio transitions in the next few weeks from Breathe to Bloom, we want you to know we are available any time to answer questions, listen to your concerns, or just to catch up. Elizabeth's cell phone number is 318-455-0882 and Stephanie's is 318-465-3997. You can also email us at

We are here! 


All class passes and gift certificates will be honored until their expiration date. All logins for Mindbody will stay the same. Monthly memberships will continue to auto renew on the current schedule (unless you would like to change the date). The only things you should notice are the change in name and a relocation of the front desk to accommodate for a smaller retail space. Classes will still be held in both the Inhale and Exhale studios.


We also want to say thank you to Becky Wilson for trusting us enough to take over. We look forward to our continued journey together, and with each of you!




Stephanie and Elizabeth

We are still located at 1935 E. 70th Street in Shreveport.