Finding A Mat For Your Yoga Practice

Yoga mats can make a difference in your practice. Really cheap or even old mats can be very slippery causing you frustration in some standing poses. Most mats are “sticky” to help give you more traction in the poses. The thickness of the mat varies also. Some heavier mats offer extra padding for sensitive knees or joints while maintaining stability.

Our bestselling mat is the Manduka Eko Lite. One Side of this mat has added texture for an amazing grip to prevent slipping. The other side is sponge-like for cushioning. The measurement for the standard Manduka Eko-Lite mat is 68" long and 24' wide with a thickness of 4 mm. There is an extra-long version of this mat that adds 11 inches in length and 2 inches in width and 5 mm thick. It is ideal for taller students or ones wanting a little more room and padding with the same grip.

If you are looking for a mat with more support, We also offer Manduka Pro-Lite mats. Our studio mats that we lend out are Pro-lites and have held up great. The Pro series of Manduka mats come with a life-time guarantee. These Mats are Slightly thicker and a few inches wider than the standard Eko Lite Mats. The standard Pro-Lite Mats are 71"long and 24" wide and have 5 mm of thickness.

The Manduka Pro is the heaviest mat we sell. It is longer than the other standard size mats with 71" in length and a little wider also with 26” width but the thickness of this mat is what adds to the weight. It is our thickest mat at 6 mm thick to offer ample support for your joints.

These mats are great at absorbing sweat also and are designed to help you maintain your grip with moisture. However, if you routinely sweat in your practice, you may want to consider buying a mat towel to cover the mat and absorb the moisture.

If you are interested in investing in your own mat and would like to try one out, please talk to one of our receptionist and they will loan you one to test.

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